Sulphur labelling undeclared on sausage roll products

Sulphur labelling undeclared on sausage roll products

Sulphur labelling concerns have lead The Food Safety Authority of Ireland (FSAI) to issue both the recall and withdrawal of a number of brands of pork sausage products.

Sulphur labelling missing on Kelly's Sausage Rolls AldiSulphur labelling was found to be undeclared on a variety of Dunnes Stores, Aldi and Lidl food products. As a result, each store removed a number of sausage roll brands from their shelves.

Sulphates are known to trigger allergic reactions, most commonly in asthmatics. Reactions can include breathing difficulties as well as rashes and migraines.

The undeclared sulphur labelling was first reported in Aldi stores last Monday with the recall of their Kelly’s product range.

The recalled products include Kelly’s 8 Premium Mini Pork sausage rolls, Kelly’s 16 Premium Cocktail Pork Sausage Rolls and Kelly’s 4 Jumbo Pork Sausage Rolls.

Following on from this, a number of reports from the FSAI further highlighted undeclared sulphur labelling, this time from Dunnes Stores and Lidl pork sausage products, as well as McColgan’s brands, all of which were disclosed during the same week on Thursday.

The products identified include; Dunnes Stores 5 Puff Pastry Jumbo Sausage Rolls and 20 Puff Pastry Cocktail Sausage Rolls, along with Castle Grove 4 Jumbo Sausage Rolls sold in lidl, as well as McColgan’s 4 Jumbo Sausage Rolls, 16 Cocktail Sausage Rolls and 4 Large Sausage Rolls.

In each case, the named products were subsequently withdrawn.

“Sulphites were not declared on the label of all batches of the sausage rolls listed. This may make them unsafe for consumers who are allergic to or intolerant of sulphur dioxide or sulphites. ” reads a statement from the FSAI for each brand.

Customers who bought any of the above brands will be able to return them to their specific store for a refund, though there is no indication that the products are harmful in any way.

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