HACCP Implementation


HACCP implementationHACCP Implementation

HACCP  implementation has been in use in the food processing sector for some time but it is only since 1998 that the hospitality industry/sector and the retail sector have been obliged by law to implement a HACCP style food safety system in their business.

Food Hygiene Management can provide a total HACCP package that is tailor made to the specific requirements of the customers needs as well as meeting the requirements of current legislation, Hygiene of Foodstuffs Regulations 2000 (S.I. No. 165 of 2000)

We feel that if HACCP system is not fully understood by every member of staff in an operation then it cannot be fully implemented; we therefore develop each system with simplicity in mind, while at the same time maintaining full compliance with the relevant legislation and the various specifications of the EHOs around the country.

The package involves an initial assessment of the premises and evaluation of the operation. After the assessment visit, HACCP plans including flow charts can be drawn up for the operation.

A Hygiene Manual is offered as part of the package. The hygiene manual provides information about various procedures from purchasing to food preparation to cleaning procedures. The manual also includes all the relevant check sheets that are required to operate according to legislation. These include Temperature charts, cleaning checksheets, maintenance records, delivery checklist, medical questionnaires.

Supplier vetting is also carried out as part of the package. This means contacting each of your suppliers to ensure that they are operating to an acceptable standard food safety and hygiene.

The package includes all of the necessary signs required for zoning and identifying the various areas of significance.

Implementation of the plan includes two follow up visits to the operation to determine how the HACCP plan is being put into action. An audit of the operation is also carried out during each visit and this can be used to chart the progress of the operation.

The cost of implementing a HACCP system can be priced after an assessment visit. (There is no charge for an assessment visit)